Our Quality Standards

The PFC Program has established guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures, and documentation to ensure that Cannabis products (hemp, medical cannabis, and cannabis-derived products intended for human consumption) have the strength, composition, purity, and identity they claim to constitute or possess.

Seed to consumption national quality standards now exist for the medical cannabis industry thanks to the 2011 collaboration of ASA, the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), and the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP). This unique collaboration combines the expertise of ASA, the nation’s largest medical cannabis patient advocacy organization; AHPA, the principal U.S. trade association and voice of the herbal products industry since 1982; and the AHP, an organization that has developed qualitative and therapeutic monographs on Western herbs since 1994. The result is that patients, healthcare providers, lawmakers, regulators, and medical cannabis businesses now have the tools they need to ensure reliable, high-quality hemp, medical cannabis, and medical cannabis products.

Trusted as the Industry Standard

PFC works at the local and state level to increase awareness and adoption of the AHPA  guidelines and the AHP Cannabis Monograph with relevant agencies.  PFC and AHPA also works directly with regulators and industry trade groups to coordinate the further development of cannabis industry standards.  ASA is dedicated to the adoption of mandatory standards for the cannabis industry nationally. Quality control and product safety standards based on the AHPA guidelines  and the AHP Cannabis Monograph have been adopted in over a dozen states.

AHPA Guidelines

AHP Monograph

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