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State law and regulation database

 PFC in collaboration with ASA maintains a database of all state laws and regulations. Companies can use this tool to inquire about industry requirements are for their state.

Complaint Forms

 When filing a complaint, a Complaint Investigation Request provided by PFC must be completed and signed by the complaining party. Complaints will be sent directly to the program director, who will track all complaints and investigations. PFC will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, promptly investigate and validate the complaint, and take appropriate actions.

Complaint Form

Appeal Forms

 In the event that an application for PFC certification is denied, a company may submit an appeal within 10 business days of the issuance of the decision.  The PFC Review Board including at least three members with sufficient knowledge and expertise will perform a review of your materials and reports and issue an impartial decision.

Appeal Form

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Training Verification Database

 Once you receive a PFC training certificate you will be assigned a certification number. Employers can use the database to verify your certificate.

Certification Verification Database

 Once a company has received their certification,  they will be placed in a searchable database for consumers, government agencies and/or regulators to  verify certification.