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Patient Focused Certification is available to cannabis companies in all states with medical cannabis and/or legal adult use laws in place and is designed to show the quality commitment of cannabis companies engaged in providing patients with hemp, cannabis, and cannabis-derived products.

The Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, and Holding certification process includes: comprehensive staff training; document review; a label review to verify product identity, formulation, and marketing claims; a formulation review to identify and quantify dietary ingredients declared on the product label; a contaminant review and laboratory testing to ensure there are no unsafe levels of contaminants; and a thorough facility inspection.

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Certification Means

Company is compliant with State & Local Regulations

Verifies identity - purity - quality & quantity declared on the product label

Verifies cannabis doesn't contain unacceptable level of contaminants

Demonstrates the product does not contain undeclared ingredients

Verifies adherence to AHPA and AHP quality standards

Determines the hazard - risk & impact of the products used during the cultivation of medical cannabis

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