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Cultivation Operations

Cultivation Operations Website Graphic

PFC National Cannabis Standards Training Learner’s Guide: Cultivation and Processing Operations

Description: The PFC National Cannabis Standards Training: Cultivation and Processing Operations is designed to educate industry professionals about the particulars of compliance specific to the AHPA  Recommendations to Regulators.  . Learn the skills necessary to implement Good Agricultural Practices including pesticide guidance, facility requirements, water resource management, recordkeeping, product safety recall systems, adverse event recording, and information disclosure.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Learn subject operations, general definitions, and good cultivation, processing, and distribution practices.
  • Explore protocols and operating procedures (with an overview of pesticide guidance), general product safety guidance, and personnel training and workplace safety.
  • Understand fire prevention procedures, sanitation practices, electrical and ventilation systems, disposal and waste practices, and security provisions.
  • Learn about water resource management, including agricultural irrigation and discharge waters, as well as potable water for employee use.
  • Learn about good record keeping practice, disclosure responsibilities, and adverse event recording and product recall programs.


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