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Business Operations

CCT Business Operations Website Image

Description: The PFC Core Cannabis Training: Business Operations teaches how to deliver the best quality of care to customers, how to handle interactions with Federal Law Enforcement, what to do in an emergency situation, and how to ensure the safety of cannabis products.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn customer service strategies, how to identify and handle medical emergencies, patient education, and information about the Patient’s Bill of Rights.
  • Understand how to handle interactions with Federal Law Enforcement, what to do if arrested and how to answer questions, and when Miranda warnings apply.
  • Explore what to do if a raid or robbery occurs, various security and safety protocols designed to help prevent robbery and reduce the risk of Federal Conflict, and learn how to set up effective action plans.  
  • Determine how to ensure the safety of your product, including how to spot contaminants and maintain safe and sanitary conditions, as well as security considerations such as patient screening, diversion prevention and security.


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